26th August, 2011


How it started with JUDO FOR ALL…

2011-2021    JUDO FOR ALL




Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - That August 26, 2011 in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the World Judo Federation was born as an option to Traditional Judo and much more under the motto JUDO FOR ALL! On that date Jaime Casanova (Dominican Republic) was elected president of the new entity of world order. Paul G. Höglund (Sweden), Dubois (Brazil) and David Gordge (Australia) assumed the positions of vice-presidents for Europe, America and Oceania respectively.

Mr. Bruce Bethers (United States) was elected Secretary and José Manuel García García (Spain) in the position of Director of Education and Training.

Carlos Díaz (Venezuela) and Alejandro Giuliano (Chile), respectively, in the positions of Refereeing and Sports Directors of the WJF and thus became the Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation with well-agreed ideals and programs to rescue the world judo of the morass in which he was plunged with the contempt for the awards of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the dictatorial manner of sports management, among other evils. 

This tenth anniversary, the World Judo Federation has fulfilled the first of the tasks entrusted by affiliating various national entities including Sweden, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Chile, India, Italy, England, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Spain, Romania, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Panama, España, South Africa, Germany and Canada, among others.

The technical guidelines of the refereeing regulations and the sports area in accordance with traditional judo have been applied in major international events held in different continents under the direction of excellent teachers such as Alfredo Vismara (Italy) and Sampson Sampson (England), among others.
Important events worldwide have been held in Brazil, Italy, Greece, Australia, United States, Dominican Republic, England, among other countries.

These ten years the World Judo Federation produced alliances with different international institutions to become full members such as The Association for International Sport for All for its acronym in English language of Tafisa and the International Martial Art Games Committee known as IMGC lo that has allowed us to participate in the activities that these organizations organize.

The World Judo Federation had the initiative to commemorate the International Day of Jigoro Kano on the date of his birth on October 28, 1860, which has been a great success, likewise, every August 26 we celebrate World Judo Day, date of the constitution of this our body of JUDO FOR ALL!

activities are introduced in various fields such as Tafisa Certified Courses, Tafisa and IMGC Congresses, Tafisa World Games, Tafisa World Walking Day, Training Camps, World Youth Day, CSIT World Games, Olympic Day, Tafisa World Challenge Day, International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, International Women’s Day, Refereeing Courses, Training and Kata, among various activities of the Annual Calendar.

Vice President, Paul G. Hoglund, is a member of the Tafisa Martial Arts Commissions and the IMGC doing important work in favor of the World Judo Federation. Recently Stephan Leifeld, (Germany), has been inducted into the WJF in the position of Marketing Director.

2020 and 2021, motivated by the covid-19 pandemic and faced with the impossibility of holding competitive events, the WJF dedicated itself to virtual training, supporting different national organizations that developed important programs in different areas of sports activities.

the eyes are fixed on the desire for the pandemic to end so that the next 2022 and we are allowed to become active in the development of the Program of Activities.
The World Judo Federation is satisfied with the fulfillment of the postulates that gave rise to it for the good of world judo, JUDO FOR ALL!